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Advance fly casting: The double haul

Mastering the Double Haul: A Two-Minute read on how to Perfect Your Fly Cast.

The double haul is a casting technique that can significantly improve your fly fishing skills. It involves using both your rod hand and line hand to generate extra line speed and distance. Here's a quick rundown on how to master this technique:

1. Grip and Stance: Begin with a proper grip on the rod, relaxed but firm. Stand with your body perpendicular to your target, maintaining balance.

2. Start Slowly: Initiate the cast with a smooth backcast, letting the line extend behind you. As you feel the rod loading, start your haul.

3. Hauling Motion: The key to the double haul is the hauling motion. Simultaneously, pull on the line with your line hand and push with your rod hand during both the backcast and forward cast. This generates increased line speed and tension.

4. Synchronized Movement: Coordinate the haul with the power snap of the rod, ensuring both hands work together seamlessly. The line hand's pull should be crisp, mirroring the acceleration of the rod hand.

5. Timing and Tempo: Timing is crucial. Begin the haul just before your rod starts to bend on the backcast and continue through the forward cast. Maintain a consistent tempo to avoid disrupting the casting rhythm.

6. Smooth Transition: Transition from backcast to forward cast smoothly, maintaining tension on the line. The haul during the forward cast propels the line forward, increasing distance.

7. Practice Makes Perfect: Like any skill, mastering the double haul takes practice. Start in your backyard or an open area before trying it on the water. Focus on developing muscle memory and getting the timing right.

8. Adjust for Wind: The double haul is particularly useful in windy conditions. By increasing line speed, you can punch through the wind and make accurate casts.

9. Watch Your Loop: Keep an eye on your loop formation. With proper technique, you should notice tighter loops, which contribute to accuracy and control.

10. Stay Patient: Don't get discouraged if it takes a few tries to get the hang of it. As you practice, you'll gradually build confidence and see improvements in your casting distance and accuracy.

Remember, the double haul is an advanced technique, so it might take a little time to get comfortable with it. I know guys who have fly fished for years that can't double haul. With dedication and practice, you'll be casting longer distances and more accurately.

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